Baseball Glove Repair

Akadema APM40

This catcher's mitt is a perfect example of how a little care can extend the life of a glove.  This glove is almost 2 years old and has been taken care of from the start.  It has regular cleanings and conditionings.  It feels and looks like a fairly new glove even though it's probably seen 150 games. 


The last game the glove saw this year was a fall ball game in the northeast.  It was a cold and rainy night game that was stopped after 5 1/2 innings because of the weather.


As you can see, the glove was wet and muddy.  This is also why 150 games in the northeast is different than 150 games in the southwest.  You can also see what a little work can do for the glove!


Before - Thumb Side



After - Thumb Side





Before - Outside Fingers



After - Outside Fingers





Before - Inside Bridge Lacing and Web



After - Inside Bridge Lacing and Web





Before - Bridge Lacing Wet and Muddy



After - Bridge Lacing Cleaned and Conditioned





Before Cleaning and Conditioning



After Cleaning and Conditioning





Before - Outside Web Lacing



After - Outside Web Lacing





Before - Inside Web and Pocket



After - Inside Web and Pocket



It's amazing what just a little cleaning and conditioning can do to a glove.  If you treat your glove with a lot of care from the day that you get it, it should last you a long, long time.

By the way, the APM40 is a great glove.  It has the best padding structure than many other popular, more expensive gloves.  I think it's built way better than the more expensive ones.  The web and pocket of these gloves are much more superior.  Check out their web site.


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